WP Performance Score Booster


WP Performance Score Booster makes website faster, speed up page load time and instantly improve WordPress performance scores in services like GTmetrix, Pingdom, YSlow and PageSpeed.

  • It Remove any query strings from static resources like CSS & JS files
    Enable GZIP compression (compress text, html, javascript, css, xml and so on)
  • Add Vary: Accept-Encoding header
  • Set expires caching (leverage browser caching).

Fast website pages is one of the key factors for reaching better rankings in Google. While, trying to improve the speed can be tricky, and very time-consuming task.
WP performance booster is free and easy to use plugin, that will significantly increase the performance of your website with a push of a button.

What does this plugin do?

There are only 3 settings that are already checked and working. Besides from these shown here, there is nothing more to adjust.

WP performance Score booster increases your website page speed by doing these 3 main things:

  • Remove query strings from static content.
  • Enable GZIP compression (compress text, html, javascript, css, xml and so on)
  • Set expire caching (Leverage Browser Caching)

If for some reason your theme or other plugins are not working after the installation, disable/enable the settings one by one to see which one is causing a conflict.

Additionally, you can contact the plugin developer by visiting his official site: Dipakgajjar.com. Or, by opening a  support thread on WordPress.org official plugin page.

Pros and cons of this page speed plugin


Free plugin,  easy to install.
Almost nothing to configure after installation. Making it really easy to use. you might see up to 50% increase in website speed.


Lack of settings is a downside for someone wanting to additionally adjust the plugin.

The plugin may be in conflict with other tools you’ve already installed. 

Make sure to check and see if everything is working after installation.

How to test the speed of your website

Visit Pingdom website speed test using this link here: Pingdom.com

Note: You can  select from which location your website to be tested by clicking Settings.

Type your domain name in the empty field and click test now

You can also use GTmetrix official website here: Add your website URL and click Analyze.

Keep in mind that the scores and the increase in speed will be different, depending on the website and how well is optimized. Factors that have major effect over your website performance are:

Size and the number of images.

Number of plugins.

Hosting provider.

You should definitely go through the things above if you want to increase your website loading speed.


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