Installing Ubuntu 20.04 server on VirtualBox

  • VirtualBox installed
  • Download Ubuntu 20.04 server

Downloading Ubuntu 20.04 server

Setting up VirtualBox

1st Create a Virtual Machine by going to Machine – New or press crtl N

Add the Name of the Machine E.g. server, change the type to Linux and Version to Ubuntu (64-bit)


MEMORY SIZE  – Set the Memory size, for now,use 1024MB you can change it later if you need to. 


HARD DISK –  again use the default, Create a virtual hard disk now and click on Create. 


Now we or going to use Dynamically allocated – A dynamically allocated hard disk file will only use space on your physical hard disk as it fills up (up to a maximum fixed size). – NEXT

Set it to 60 GB – click on Create.

Now it will appear on the right hand side of the main interface.



Click on your server which should change color to indicate that you have selected it. Click on the Setting button, on the top of the main interface on the left-hand side. 

Go to Network and change the Attached to: to Bridged Adapter.

Now click on Storage under the Controller: IDE you should see an Empty disk, select it, and now on the right hand-side  you should see Attributes – Optical Drive:  click on the Disk Icon on the right and choose a disk file.  Navigate to the Ubuntu-20.04 File select it and Open. Now the Controller: IDE should show the Ubuntu 20.04 file.

Click on OK


Start your server

Now you should be able to start your server.  Press Start, it will open a box to run the server in, (you will need to use the keyboard to navagate, the mouse will not work) now you should  boot to the welcome screen, select your language,  and [update to new installer].

When it’s finished the update click done. Now you should be on the Network connections page. Make a note of the DHCP IP address you will need it later, click Done.  If you use a Proxy set the address now, if your saying whats a Proxy leave it blank.  Click Done.

Ubuntu archive – Click Done

Storage Configuration – Use the tab button on your keyboard to highlight the Done button and click it.  and Done again on the next screen. tab button to highlight continue and press it.

Now answer the questions, 

for the server’s name use lower case and no spaces.  

Done when finished.  

SSH Setup

Now press your space bar to put an X in the Install OpenSSH server and tab to Done.

Featured Server Snaps

If you know you will need any on the list use tab and space to select, else go to Done.  

Now make a coffee and wait… 

When done Reboot

Using SSH to Access you server.

Now when your server has rebooted open a Terminal. We use Linux mint so we press Ctrl alt T, but if you use windows you will need to install third-party application called PuTTY.

For PuTTY – Type the host name or IP address of the SSH server into the “Host name (or IP address)” box. Ensure the port number in the “Port” box matches the port number the SSH server requires,  port 22 by default, Click “Open” to connect.

For Linux Terminal type the following.


For me that would be the following….

ssh -l myusername

Type yes for the fingerprint, and type in the password you setup for your server. 



Update the server

Update the server before installing  software, in the teminal type the following…

  • sudo -i
  • apt update
  • apt full-upgrade
This might take some time… 
When finished your ready to install the server software… 


  1. Install web-server

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