Install web-server on Ubuntu 20.04 server

We will show you how to install a web-server with EHCP Force Edition and Webmin control panel. 

NOTE:  Your ISP might block ports needed to run a Webserver, check with them first to see if they block ports, also your will need a public IP address. 

( EHCP Force Edition supports dynamic IP addresses by installing EHCP Force Edition on your home server, and then use Dynamix & its client software on your server to setup and use dynamic DNS. )

Your will also need to open ports on the rougher and port forward them to the IP address you are going to use for the server.  (You need to open ports 20,21,22,25,53,80,110,143,443,10000 on your server and on your modem/firewall/router. If you have no firewall on your server, you don’t need to do anything on your server.)

We are assuming you have followed the instructions on “Installing Ubuntu 20.04 server on VirtualBox” and this is a follow on from that post.

SSH into your server and go to the root dir using sudo -i

Installing webmin

First you will need to add need to add the Webmin repository so that we can install and update Webmin using our package manager.  To do this you will need to edit the Sources.list

Open the file in your preferred editor. We will use nano

  • sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list

Then add this line to the bottom of the file to add the new repository:

  • deb sarge contrib

Save the file and exit the editor. If you used nano, do so by pressing CTRL+X, Y, then ENTER.

Next, you’ll add the Webmin PGP key so that your system will trust the new repository. 

Following that, download the Webmin PGP key with wget and add it to your system’s list of keys:

  • wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add

Now to update and install

  • sudo apt update
  • sudo apt install webmin
Once the installation finishes, you’ll be presented with the following output:
Webmin install complete. You can now login to https://your_server:10000/
as root with your root password, or as any user who can use sudo
to run commands as root.
I have always had to use the server IP address and not the server name so change the name to the IP address of the server.
Note: If you installed and enabled ufw during the prerequisite step, you will need to run the following command in order to allow Webmin through the firewall:
  • sudo ufw allow 10000
 For extra security, you may want to configure your firewall to only allow access to this port from certain IP ranges.

Installing Easy Hosting Control Panel - Force Edition

1st your will need to change the IP address to a Static configuration, to do this we will use Webmin.

Login to webmin by typing in HTTPS://YOUR_SERVER IP_ADDRESS:10000,

go to Networking – Network Configuration – Network Interfaces

click on the Bootup Interface and change it to a  Static configuration. Add the IP Address you would like to use (E.g. 192.168.??.??), and the netmask of

Now Save and go to Routing and Gateways, change the Gateway to you rougher address.

Now go to Hostname and DNS Client change the DNS to and

Save and Apply Configuration, Clicking the button to activate the current boot-time interface and routing settings, as they normally would be after a reboot. 

Be careful if you have a different IP address then the one in the address field, this may make your system inaccessible via the network,  and cut off access to Webmin.


Install EHCP

Download & Install EHCP Force Edition (Stable)

To download and install the latest “stable” version of EHCP Force Edition, use the following commands at the terminal prompt:

  • wget -O “ehcpforce_stable_snapshot.tar.gz” -N
  • tar -zxvf “ehcpforce_stable_snapshot.tar.gz”
  • cd ehcp
  • sudo bash

You can Install EHCP Force Edition in unattended mode (installs all software without prompts and generates passwords) you will need to make note of the passwords if you use this, I personally don’t like this mode as I like to use password I can remember, but if you use passwords you generate make sure they’re strong. 

Add a working email – this is needed to send warnings etc…

Install extra software in addition to EHCP Force Edition – you may choose to do this but it will take extra space, time to install, and can slow down your server. I don’t install them.

Now sit back and wait…

After the install, you will have a working web server, you can access by adding your server IP in the address line of the web browser, but there are still some things you need to do finish the webserver off. 

Let’s look at that now….

  • EHCP Setup

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